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Live research

awaiting the incorporation and tranformation of ideas that grant eternal life

Even though this project states some pretty unambitious goals through the description beneath, the ultimate goal may or might be a consciousness. The nodes in this graph are supposed to be evolving towards the concept of Intentions, and as the graph gains momentum in a knowledgebase with the appropriate complexity and content, a conciousness may or might emerge.

Search engine

Build using my dictionary and a graph for linking up all the connections.

The dictionary's nodes will consist of the words used in all the documents, and a list to all the documents that use this particular word. Maybe also a list of synonyms that are in the dictionary, and one for the synonyms not in the dictionary. The search tree should be up and running on the server at all times to decrease strtuptime for the application, but then I will have to update it dynamically when pages are edited, that means to send a copy of the original document for deletion, and then the new document for insertion. Since javas treemap does not support concurrency, I will probably have to copy and build in the background, and then replace when no one is accessing.


Open source lexical database for synonyms: http://wordnet.princeton.edu/1). Check http://wordnet.princeton.edu/links#Java for java API's. This is probably the best bet.

Graph visualizer

The graphs nodes will contain a document and weighted arcs to other nodes where the word searched for and its synonyms has been used. The arcs will be weighted so that there will be a hierarchy in the presentation. When a word is clicked in a document, the graph will be rebuilt using the new word as a searh term. Use Ubigraph2) or processing3) for visualization.

Database or flat files

If I am to use a database, the wiki has to be reprogrammed. Easier to use files in the existing website, and make the retrieval abstracted in an object oriented fashion so I easily can use different systems. Probably change wiki engine to moinmoin4) which is written in python and seems to have the same syntax (as dokuwiki)5) in its flat files.

Freely downloadable and open source.

Detached research

awaiting the ubiquitous decay transforming all material substances to dust

Carefully composed screenshots.

Silkscreen on some kind of fancy paper wrapped up and very exclusive. Signed by the artist.

1) , 3) , 4) , 5) Open source
2) Closed source
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