“Physicalism is the theory that mental properties are not emergent.”1)

The Emergence of Consciousness

is a crossdisiplinary effort to come with some answers on the topic of, and hopefully a demonstration of, the emergence of consciousness from very complex systems.

We will talk about artificial intelligence from a neuroscientist and a philosophers viewpoint, and try to realize our theories with physical, electronic neural networks built by our inhouse technician and cognitive scientist.

The objective of the project will be what kind of symbols one kan choose to represent the communication between the braincells, and how these symbols in the act of being communicated will create new aesthetic projections of the act of communication. For instance will the Audible Mind use sound as as its symbols, and in its feedback of communication, there will emerge a sound of the brain communicating.

Problem domains


1) de Gruyter, 1992, s.14 :Can not find the book online!!! Maybe from Emergence or reduction?
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