Mind/brain dualism

A presentation of the problem of mind/brain dualism usually starts with a presentation of René Descartes' attempt to doubt everything, and his conclusion that everything he thought existed, even God, can be proven to exist on the basis that he actually thinks. I am not going to follow his dubious reasoning towards God, but just present the fact that Descartes believed that the point where the body and the soul (causally) interacted was in the pineal gland, located somewhere in the back of our brains. From the soul throught the pineal gland, rational commands and interpretations of the bodys experiences flow to be expressed in the material world by the bodys utterings and actions. The other way irrational behaviour (like love and hate) may flow to disrupt the souls beautiful rationality.

The mind/brain dualism is opposed to a materialism which says that nothing but physical thing can interact.

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