About the Academy for praxis and theory / APT

French apte, Latin aptus, from obsolete apere, “to fasten, to join, to fit”, akin to apisci “to reach, attain”: compare with Gr. ἅπτειν (haptīn) “to fasten” and Sanskrit आप्त (āpta) “fit”, from आप् (āp) “to reach, attain”.1)


The faculties start with something quite small and may or might branch perpetually across domains towards an indivisable functional description. Our faculties are the source of all our activities.


As mere functional descriptions may crosspollinate and tend towards more complex systems breeding on the distractions from entities extracted from our faculties, an institute may emerge.

Research & Development

If an institute truly emerges from its pits to become a creature of its own volition, it is necessary to research and develop its potential to step into our world.

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