On Trees and Language

A practical approach. What is a biotop, and how does it express itself

Academy for Praxis og Theory CC 2009

On the similarities between the systematic biology’s phylogenic trees and the linguistic syntax trees1), the idea that structures in nature are repeated in different levels2), the myth about the norse god Odin who was said to have hung by his legs in a tree for nine days and nights to learn the magic of the runes3), and the possibility that languages are a finite set of rules and symbols, that can be combined in an infinite number of possible constellations in any form that some consciousness with a language-ability can interpret4).

  • (brute force mapping)
  • (syntese)

1) Ann Copestake. The (new) LKB system. Stanford. 2000 s.70.
3) Håvamål gjendiktet av L. Holm-Olsen. Aschehoug. 1993. s.58.
4) J.R.Searle. Speech acts. University of Cambridge. 1985. s.78.
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