Acoustic Phonetic Articulators

A membrane produces the manner of articulation (soundwaves), that will need some sort of resonating device, which may or might mimick the bi­la­bial, la­bio­dental, den­tal, al­veo­lar, post­al­veo­lar, re­tro­flex, pa­la­tal, ve­lar, uvu­lar, pha­ryn­geal, epi­glot­tal and glottal articular shapes. The articulary shapes might be fixed devices or use some kind of flaps/automodeling to respond differently responding to pressure/volition, but anyhow they will be simplifications/modifications from the actual biological device they are inspired by.

These articulators are atoms in a new non-biological species, they need not copy, only let themselves be inspired by successful designs in nature.

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